Install Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi 4x

2 min readJun 23, 2020


(This cheatSheet has been compiled by foneiamone)

Key Combinations

  1. Recovery mode — Turn off the phone. Power it on again by pressing Volume Down + Volume Up + Power button together, Release Power button when MI logo pops up
  2. Fastboot mode — Turn off the phone. Power it on again by pressing Volume Down + Power button together.


Following softwares/tools are needed to install and configure Pixel Experience ROM

  1. Pixel Experience —
  2. Magisk —
  3. TWRP recovery —
  4. Vanced Youtube —

Helpful sites

  1. Magisk —
  2. Energized —


  1. Copy everything to PC before starting
  2. After installing magisk modules reboot the device


  1. Download everything from the links above
  2. Sideload TWRP recovery through ADB fastboot
  3. Reboot into TWRP recovery
  4. Format Data Partition
  5. Reboot to recovery
  6. Select System, Data, Dalvik Cache, Cache, Internal Storage, Vendor
  7. Copy ROM, Magisk file to internal storage
  8. Flash the ROM, Magisk
  9. Wipe cache
  10. Select reboot


  1. Turn the double-tap to wake off (Display)
  2. Turn off always-on display except for notification (Display>Ambient Display)


  1. Termux — (Google Play Store)
  2. MiXplorer — (APKMirror)


Magisk is a systemless rooting system. This basically means that you can modify your phone’s system without making any changes to the core code.

Modules needed

  1. Download Energized Module (Downloads)
  2. Download Busybox Module (Downloads)
  3. Install Vanced Youtube (Modules)

Configure Magisk

  1. Turn on Magisk Hide
  2. Turn on Systemless host support
  3. Turn on fingerprint authentication

Install and configure Energized

  1. Open Termux
  2. Type “su” press enter and give Termux Super User Permission
  3. Now type “energized” press enter then type “energized -m” press enter and wait for the script to load
  4. Type “3” and press enter, now wait for the script to download the AdBlock files
  5. Exit the Termux app and reboot the device


  1. If fingerprint sensor doesn’t work then open MiXplorer and delete everything in “/persist/data/persist/data/gxfp/0_0/” directory and reboot the phone.




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